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Hairdressing Traineeships

A traineeship is an education and training programme which incorporates work experience, preparing young people for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready’.

Designed for those aged 16 to 18 who don’t yet have the appropriate skills or experience, Hairdressing or Barbering traineeships provide the essential work preparation training and work experience needed to secure a hairdressing or barbering apprenticeship or employment.

A traineeship has three core elements:

  • A high-quality work experience placement with an employer.
  • Work preparation training, provided by the training organisation.

Employers are not required to pay barber or hairdresser trainees for the work placement and traineeships are exempt from the Minimum Wage, but the government is encouraging employers to provide trainees with financial support to meet their travel or meal costs, a suggested minimum of £20 per day.

The Qualification

The Qualification gained is an exclusive Alan d Hairdressing Education Traineeship Certificate, consisting of 4 practical modules selected by our Education Team.

1) Shampoo and treat hair

Trainee hairdressers will learn to analyse the hair and scalp, learning how shampoo and conditioner work. They will then move on to massage techniques required to carry out the service before finally learning how to detangle hair correctly.

2) Blow-dry and finish hair

They will learn how to carry out Blow-Dry services on both one length and layered hair, achieving root lift, smooth mid-lengths and curl. They will also learn aftercare advice.

3) Basic plaiting and twisting hair

They will learn how to handle hair before learning how to achieve a one strand twist and a fish tail plait.

4) Promote and sell products and services to clients

Trainee hairdressers will create a leaflet detailing services and products offered to ensure they gain an understanding of what is available in Hairdressing Salons & Barbershops.

Looking to become a barber or hairdresser trainee? Please call us on 0207 634 9400 to enrol or find out more information.

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What about Hairdressing Apprenticeships?

If you don’t think a hairdressing Traineeship is for you then take a look at our Apprenticeship programmes and become a Hairdressing Apprentice or Barber Apprentice.

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