Foundation Ladies Cutting & Styling

COURSE LENGTH: 5 weeks (25 days)

Take your first step into the world of hairdressing with this Beginners Hairdressing Course. You will learn the 9 Alan d Foundation haircuts along with classes on shampooing, blow-drying, cutting, styling, client care and salon protocol.

This course can be full or part-time.

The Alan d Foundation Ladies Cutting & Styling Hairdressing certificate is awarded on completion of the course.

This course can be taken at both our London and Ipswich Hairdressing Schools.

Course Price:


Less 10%: £250
Cost of course with promo: £2,250


£550 deposit and 4 weekly payments of £487.50

Beginners Hairdressing Course Dates:


January 9 / February 13 / March 20 / April 24
May 30 / July 3 / August 7 / September 11
October 16 / November 20 / December 4

Our Hairdressing Academies

Our Foundation Ladies Cutting & Styling Course can be taken at both our London and Ipswich Hairdressing Schools.

Located in West Smithfield, Farringdon, our London Hairdressing School is in the heart of the City of London making it easily accessible by public transport. Expect to learn in a realistic working environment using salon-professional only products.

Our Ipswich Hairdressing School is Suffolk’s leading Hair Academy. Located on Queen Street, Ipswich, our school is ideal for students located in East Anglia wanting to start their career in Hairdressing whilst learning in a realistic working environment.


Do I need any qualifications to apply for your Foundation Hairdressing Course?
No, you don’t need any particular qualifications to apply for this Beginners Hairdressing Course, however, spoken English is essential. It’s ideal for those who haven’t had any previous hairdressing experience.

Can I take this course part-time?
Yes, you can take our Foundation Hairdressing Course part-time. You will need to attend classes at least 3 consecutive days per week.

Is the Alan d Foundation Ladies Cutting & Styling Certificate industry recognised?
Yes, all our certificates are industry recognised, providing a great starting point for beginning your career in Hairdressing.

Could I become a professional Hairdresser after this course?
This course is a great first step to becoming a professional Hairdresser and will give you a basic understanding of haircutting and styling. To become a qualified, new hairstylist, you’ll need more training, so we would recommend taking one of our Diploma or NVQ Courses after this.

Which hairstyling techniques will I learn in this course?
We teach the 9 Alan d Foundation haircutting techniques from long hair to short, as well as blow drying & styling hair to suit each haircut.

What Hairdressing Course could I take after this to expand my skills?
We would recommend our Level 3 Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing or our Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Hairdressing Courses. You can add Barbering to our Level 3 Diploma Course or our NVQ Level 2 Hairdressing and Barbering Course for those looking to grow their skills in both ladies and mens Hairdressing.

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