We’re calling for an emergency reduction of VAT to 5% for hair & beauty businesses

The hairdressing and beauty industry:

  • Contributes over £6.6bn to the UK economy, employing over 337,687 people, across approximately 49,371 salons. (Source:Economic Impact Assessment – Commissioned by The Hair & Barber Council)
  • Generates approximately 1/3rd tax take (for HMRC) as a proportion of sales. As value is primarily added via the employed workforce.
  • Provides personal services which cannot be substituted, when closed our income is zero.  A reduction in VAT whilst trading will help restore battered  finances and keep workers in a job.
  • Enables flexible working patterns to support family life, of particular benefit to women, who make 88% of this sectors workforce
  • Provides numerous apprenticeship opportunities to huge numbers of young people
  • Draws millions of consumers per day to retail centres providing a community hub and supporting other local retail
  • Promotes personal wellbeing and essential emotional support at times of crisis


Please personalise the Template letter and make this happen!

CLICK HERE to download a DRAFT Template Letter to MP’s

CLICK HERE to download a DRAFT Template with Detailed Answers for MP’s HW Revisions


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