The Barber Refresher Course


This is the Alan d signature course. Aimed at barbers returning to the industry or experience barbers feeling ‘bogged down’ with their everyday routine and looking for inspiration. It’s also ideal for those trained in Ladies Hairdressing who haven’t been formally trained in the latest barbering techniques. You will learn the 5 Alan d Foundation Barbering haircuts along with use of clippers, fading, and beard & moustache trimming.

Wet Shaving can be included as an extra-cost option.

Alan d Barber Refresher certification is awarded on completion of the course.

This course can be taken at both our London and Ipswich Barbering Schools.

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Our Barbering Academies

Our Barbering Refresher Course can be taken at both our London and Ipswich Barbering Schools.

Located in the City of London, our London Barbering School in Farringdon offers first-class Barber training and is the ideal place to build your confidence on the Barbershop floor. Learn with all the latest professional Barber products and tools, practicing on both dummy heads and live models.

Our Ipswich Barbering School is Suffolk’s leading Barbering School and is located on Queen Street, Ipswich. Similarly to our London school, you’ll be learning all the latest Barbering techniques using professional Barbershop products along with styling and cutting tools. Expect to learn from some the best Barber trainers in the industry.


How much Barbering experience do I need to take your Refresher/Confidence Builder Barber Course?
You’ll need to have a Barbering qualification or experience as a Barber to take this intermediate course. It’s ideal for newly trained Barbers, those returning to the industry or Barbers who simply feel ‘bogged down’ by their everyday routine. Spoken English is essential.

What type of training can I expect in your Barber classes?
You’ll be cutting, styling and trimming hair, beards and moustaches, using scissor-over-comb, clippers and trimmers.

Is the Alan d Barber Refresher certification industry recognised?
Yes, the certificate is industry recognised and definitely something to put on your CV.

Do you have a more bespoke Barbering Course?
Our #ONTHEFLOOR course is a Barbering Course tailored by you. Choose what you want to learn and the duration of the course (1, 3, 5 or 10 days).

What other courses can I take after this to further my Barbering education?
We have 2 Advanced Barbering CoursesLevel 3 NVQ Diploma in Barbering and Wet Shaving. These allow experienced Barbers to learn more advanced skills.

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